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June 29, 2023

BOISE, Idaho

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Newborn Screening Kits

New this month, Health and Welfare’s Newborn Screening Program is updating newborn screening booklets and new kit ordering options for providers. This program is part of a continuous improvement program that kicked off three years ago for H&W. Previously, the Newborn Screening Kit order process involved a time-consuming, manual process requiring staff to fax order forms to the lab for fulfillment.

Customers can now submit their order form and payment online using a robust and comprehensive solution deployed by the Access Idaho team. This new creative and holistic online solution uses an API service that validates account numbers and posts orders directly to the lab for processing, truly giving the customer a seamless user experience.

We are proud to provide innovative technological solutions designed to help protect the health of Idaho’s next generation.

Latah County Parks and Rec Remote payments with QR codes

Latah County Parks and Recreation is now using PayPort online to take payments for reserved campsites! Campers can pay for reservations upon arrival at their destination by scanning the posted QR code.This helps to ensure payment even if the visitors are not carrying cash or checks in these remote locations.

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ITD's Six District Offices Launch PayPort

Access Idaho worked with the Idaho Transportation Department’s six highway districts to deploy a new payment portal for contractors doing construction along a state highway.

Contractors required to pay for Access, Approach, Encroachment, Right of Way, or Variance permits, now have a Highway District payment portal to help with permitting compliance.

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Staff Highlight:

Local Tyler staff giving back to the Boise community (Live, work, play the Tyler Idaho way)

Idaho staff volunteering at Boise park

The monarch butterfly, Idaho’s state insect, has experienced a substantial decline in population since the mid-1990s. Largely attributed to habitat loss, over 80% of the monarch population has disappeared over the past two decades.

To help bring the butterfly back, Tyler Idaho staff volunteered with the Boise Parks and Recreation (BPR) department to help improve monarch habitat in the Boise area. BPR has developed several formal pollinator gardens, implementation and protection of informal pollinator areas, in parks and public right of way. The Idaho team helped do some spring cleaning by fixing up the Quinn's Pond pollinator garden.

Tyler's Cashiering Software

Have you heard of Tyler's Cashiering software? This addition expands our available solutions for agencies to utilize. Interested in Cashiering or other Tyler services and solutions? We'd love to discuss them with you!

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