Access Idaho - 1st Quarter GM Newsletter

March 29, 2022

BOISE, Idaho

Looking Back at 2021

In 2021, Access Idaho accelerated its building of forms for events, rolling out new electronic billing services and launching websites to help the agency communicate better with citizens. It was another year of improving agency ‘speed to market’ for new online services, while lowering barriers for businesses and citizens to do business with the state.

As our partners adapted to the 2021 surges and lulls of the pandemic, our flexible contract, that any state or local government can use, proved extremely valuable in streamlining the procurement process and delivering services immediately when citizens shifted from in-person to online.

It takes a true partnership to make digital government work


Total Government Partners


State Agencies


Participating Counties


County Departments


Participating Cities


City Departments


School Districts

Other State County, or Local Partnerships

Irrigation/Water-Sewer Districts: 14
Highway Districts: 2

View the Entire 2021 Annual Report

On the creative side, Access Idaho provided 3,265 hours of non-revenue generating services to state agencies. Website design, graphic design, technical support, training, general webmaster/agency assistance, and user testing were provided across many agencies. Some of the larger sites Access Idaho redesigned include Department of Water Resources and Department of Insurance.

Launch a Service with App Engine: A No-Code to Low-Code Platform

App Engine is an interactive forms service provided to the state by Access Idaho, that is loaded with features. App Engine is an online form builder capable of eliminating outdated paper forms and manual processes. Fast track your “go live” for new online citizen services when you collaborate with the Access Idaho team. Our team can help you build a simple intake form or a custom application that takes payments, App Engine has the ability to simplify processes and make customer interaction more efficient and secure. We work with you to move your services and ideas quickly to the public.

App Engine can also be configured for bill presentment, allowing customers to pay invoices online. Departments tasked with invoicing customers can provide the billing data to Access Idaho and we do the rest! Once we’ve uploaded the data to App Engine, your customers will be able to view the invoice online and make a payment using our secure payment engine. We can also send the customer’s payment information back to your financial team so it can be uploaded into your accounting system, saving time, and reducing the risk of human error during the data entry process. It offers an efficient workflow for your customers and financial team.

App Engine form on phone

The process to get started is very easy:

  • Our team meets with you to discuss your needs and the problem you’re trying to solve.
  • We gather any current forms you use and discuss all outcomes you may be expecting from the application.
  • Then, we build a form in our test environment for you to review and make any changes needed.
  • Once you are ready, you can send it out for customers to use.

All information entered by the customer is collected in our App Engine Submissions page and is available for you to view in real time.

For questions, more information, or examples, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. We are happy to discuss what App Engine can do for you.

Partner Spotlight: Governor's Website

In January, Governor Little released an updated website in partnership with Access Idaho’s design team. Along with a new look and feel, the updated website helps to highlight the Governor’s top priorities – cutting red tape, supporting education, and leading Idaho.

Governor's website on laptop

Some new features include a way for citizens to subscribe to the 2022 legislative session page and receive an email each time the page is updated during the legislative season and an online proclamation request form. Plus, there is also a new Idaho Statistics page. This will be updated on an ongoing basis to highlight the great things happening in Idaho.

Let us know how we can help you achieve your communications goals for the public you serve.

Improve the Citizen Experience with Online Appointment Scheduling

One thing is clear, Idaho’s citizens expect government to use the same tools they are utilizing in their daily lives. Things like online appointment scheduling with their doctors, takeout meals, delivery drivers and consumer services are an expected part of their lives. To meet the operational expectations of your user base, Access Idaho has launched TeleGov for Idaho.

Now citizens can set up office appointments online and get connected with the correct staff the first time (by phone, video, or in person). In addition to making an appointment, the service helps the citizen keep their appointments by receiving automated reminders or allowing agency staff to push notifications by text or email to citizens.

To learn more about how to keep your office foot traffic at a safe and manageable level, or match up the right employee with the right citizen to improve service delivery, check out the video below.

Contact us at 208-332-0102 or for more information or to implement TeleGov in your office.

We Create Solutions

All services listed above are provided at no cost to you under the Access Idaho contract, the administrator of Idaho's official Web portal ( and provider of electronic government solutions for the state. The manager for the portal is NIC Idaho, a division of Tyler Technologies Inc.
Jeff Walker,
General Manager

We Create Solutions

Questions about any of the solutions we listed above or want to start working with us? Please contact us.