The What, How, and Why of Access Idaho. General Manager's Newsletter - 1st Quarter

February 14, 2020

BOISE, Idaho

In this Q1 20th Anniversary Newsletter

of Access
of Access Idaho & PCI security
behind 20 years of success

What?! - Access Idaho celebrates 20 years:

Did you know, from 2000-2020 Access Idaho ( successfully processed $3 billion dollars online for Idaho’s government entities?

Do you know how much of that was for your agency? (Hint: The smallest amount we processed for an agency in 2019 was $4.00 and the most was $48 million)

If this is all new information to you, let me get you up to speed on Access Idaho and how you can use its resources to achieve your agency IT goals.

Over seen by the Governor’s office (i.e. ITS) we operate under a unique public-private partnership using a self-funded model in which no tax dollars are used to develop and maintain services. In fact, you may know us by some of our greatest hits, such as:

The services we provide are both indispensable and essential to the success of Idaho digital government. And even though we’ve been serving the State for the past two decades, you may not be aware that we are:

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The leader in government payments

OK, you may already know that, but the innovative solutions we’ve built in Idaho are leveraged by government entities nationwide.
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More than payment processing

We cover all aspects digital services, like user-friendly web/application design, technical development, the highest security standards, and real-time payment management.
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Idahoans serving Idahoans

Our trusted team of 14 full-time employees based in Boise lives, works, plays and pays taxes in Idaho.
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Customer Service Experts

Speaking to a live person is important, and our in-state customer service team delivers exceptional, friendly personalized support.
20 years of success means we have much to be thankful for, and you’re one of the big reasons.

The ‘How’ of Access Idaho:

Which of these Access Idaho services do you use under the state contract?

  • Payment Processing - PayPal, E-Checks, AMEX, Discover, Master Card, VISA, OTC, Online, payment engine, monthly invoicing, texting payments, mobile payments and scheduled payments
  • Custom Application Development
  • User Testing + UI/UX design consulting
  • Website Design & Consulting
  • Customized Reports (Application Data & Financial Data)
  • PCI Compliant interactive forms

Modernized and new statewide contract

If you don’t use any of the services above, no worries and no RFP needed to use us. In 2019, the State of Idaho awarded Idaho Information Consortium (IIC) a new, two-year contract with two additional one-year extension options (taking us to 2023) to continue as the State’s provider of digital government solutions.

Meaning you can expand and explore the self-funded IT services listed above with little effort and no fiscal impact to your operations.

Don’t call ‘Security!’ on me yet

Over the last 20 years we have led the state in securing the public’s trust and state’s financial systems. Most recently we have taken the lead in Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance for agencies.

If this information is all new to you, here is a quick explanation to get you up to speed.

PCI compliance pertains to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), a set of requirements intended to ensure all companies (like Access Idaho) that process, store, or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment. The good news is we are the responsible party for the security and technical burdens of PCI for a majority of state agencies, simplifying your regulatory burdens.

For example, check out our new 3-minute PCI compliance video we use with city, county and state agencies to help educate and secure a citizen’s financial data.

The ‘Why’ Of Access Idaho:

Finally, 20 years is a long time to be successful in the area of government technology. I believe our success is best explained with this ‘Why’ of the Access Idaho:

I grew up in Idaho, president of a local the 4-H club and attended the University of Idaho. I even helped my aunts and uncles salvage items from their homes and farms after the Teton dam burst. This place is home, and I have deep roots in this state and my community. I have been lucky enough to sit at the crossroads of technology and government for the last 20 years, to apply the 4-H motto of ‘To Make the Best Better’ by improving the digital experiences citizens have with state government.

Jeff Walker

Jeff Walker, General Manager

Idaho’s citizens are hungry for digital government solutions that combine high security, elegant design, and next-generation ideas. My team loves exploring creative ways to serve constituents and deliver wins to our government partners, especially in secure payment processing. This outlook, combined with the deep understanding of maintaining and securing the public trust in the digital institutions that serve them, is always present in our designs.

Access Idaho 20 year logo

I’d love to say my Access Idaho team is ‘disrupting’ government payments from within, but I prefer the term transform and instead believe we are building a new digital financial ecosystem. I do not want to disrupt our public institutions – my goal is to make them better and more secure in order to build trust. I am a lucky person who grew up wanting to make a difference, made a home in this great state, and then found a way to make technology work to improve the lives of my neighbors.

In my 20 years of transformative work at Access Idaho, I realize tomorrow is already here. Forward thinking drives our approach and we are building future-ready digital government services to serve the needs of tomorrow’s citizens. I look forward to the 2020s and beyond so we can continue to focus on what needs transformation, while still feeling and bringing the same fierce start-up spirit we introduced so many years ago when we were awarded our contract.


Like at the end of Ferris Buller’s Day Off, you get a bonus item at the end of the credits. Here is an article by Access Idaho for the Idaho Technology Council that gives you a look into the future of E-Gov services in Idaho. Enjoy! ITC: Access Idaho – Improving Government Interaction

We Create Solutions

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