Idaho’s first personal assistant for government, Gov2Go, is preloaded with popular notifications and available for downloading

December 30, 2019

BOISE, Idaho

Flag status change alerts, professional license and aircraft renewal notifications plus election day reminders are live, with more launching soon.

Ever wonder why flags are at half-staff? Thanks to Gov2Go, the nation’s first personal government assistant exclusively from Access Idaho, you have a new and convenient way to get the answer via automatic text messages, emails and/or push notifications whenever a flag status update is issued.

“With Gov2Go, we can deliver half-staff flag notifications and other important state government information directly to citizens through the devices they use every day. It’s another way the state is increasing transparency and providing easier, more timely access to government information,” Governor Brad Little said.

Citizens can download the free Gov2Go application at and create an account, then select Flag Status Updates from the services menu. When the state of Idaho issues a flag status update, Gov2Go sends a text, email and/or push notification to those who sign up. Messages contain the flag status change and the reason for it.

In addition to flag status changes, citizens have other notification types in which to choose, with more planned. As additional state agencies and local governments integrate with the Gov2Go platform, the more indispensable it will become to keep track of important government alerts, deadlines, reminders, information and news.

For example, if you’re one of the 90,000 people holding a state professional license, Gov2Go is designed to proactively notify you (by text, email or in-app message) when a renewal or payment is due to ensure your license is kept in good standing and to avoid late fees. The Idaho Bureau of Occupational Licenses as well as the Idaho Real Estate Commission are the first two licensing boards to utilize Gov2Go.

The Idaho Transportation Department’s Aeronautics Division plans to offer the state’s 2,800 aircraft owners the ability to set up renewal reminders via Gov2Go during the next aircraft registration renewal period later this year.

And with the upcoming election season, Gov2Go will help citizens easily keep track of the myriad of voting dates posted by the Idaho Secretary of State, including for general, local and primary elections.

The state leveraged its existing contract with Access Idaho, administrator of the Idaho’s official Web portal ( and provider of electronic government solutions, to offer Gov2Go at no cost. The partnership’s mission allows government leaders to focus on delivering on-demand, digital government solutions without requests for proposals or the use of tax appropriations. The State of Idaho and Access Idaho partnership has benefited more than 40 state agency programs and over 300 local governments statewide.

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