Idaho Prompt Pay Service Now Features Bulk Sending

September 05, 2018

BOISE, Idaho

Government Entities Can Email or Text Up to 1,000 “Instant Invoices” at Once with Access Idaho’s Prompt Pay

Access Idaho’s newest service, Prompt Pay, has been enhanced to enable government entities in the Gem State to send payment links in bulk via SMS text and email at the click of a button.

Prompt Pay’s bulk upload functionality lets government personnel upload as many as 1,000 names at a time using a csv or Excel file, ideal for any office that wants to submit “instant invoices” electronically to multiple customers.

Files can contain different names, amounts, payment descriptions, unique identifiers, email addresses and cell numbers, allowing government entities to customize each text or email to customers’ specific payments. Each customer can then use the link they receive to pay the government service.

Since payees are responsible for entering credit card information on their own devices or computers, government employees and systems are completely removed from exposure to credit card data as well as Payment Card Industry scope.

In addition to individual and bulk payment requests, Prompt Pay features comprehensive administrative tools, including resending, editing and canceling payment requests. Prompt Pay’s exportable reports provide government entities important monitoring information, such as when payment links were sent, the number of times a customer attempted to pay and even failed payments.

A growing number of state agencies and local governments are using Prompt Pay to collect outstanding balances from customers. For example, the Idaho Department of Transportation utilizes it for periodic data requests; the Idaho Supreme Court has implemented the service for its party verification requests; the City of Meridian relies on Prompt Pay for taking building permit payments; and the City of Heyburn uses it for utility payments.

Prompt Pay uses a highly secure, best-in-class processor for Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover and electronic check payments. For more information on Prompt Pay, visit

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