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Getting Started

Here you can

  • Build a list of Idaho driver licenses to monitor for changes.
  • Purchase driver's license records at any time individually or in bulk.
  • Your records are checked twice a month (early and mid-month) for changes. Receive email alerts for flagged driver's license records, which are available for your review.
  • View medical certification issue/expiration dates. This information is updated nightly.
  • View driver's license and commercial driver's license expiration dates.

You will need

  • An Tyler Idaho subscription. Become a subscriber.
  • Your employee's Idaho driver's license number.

Charge structure

  • $10.00 per month for service access. Contact us to begin or cancel.
  • $0.16 twice a month for each license monitored.
  • $10.00 for an automatic driver's license record pull following a status change.
  • $10.00 for a manual driver's license record pull.
  • $95.00 per year for your Tyler Idaho subscription. (No charge to current subscribers.)

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